Helping bootstrapped startups build focused, profitable web applications

Here’s the bottom line: building a profitable web app is a complex process. Spending money without a plan is like racing down the highway blindfolded. Not a wise decision. Having a brilliant idea and building a product without a clear path can only take you so far.

Ask yourself…

How do you create a web app people want to buy?

The thought that just by having a great idea you can build a profitable web app is flawed. You might be lucky if it works for you but almost always it is not a successful strategy.

What are the priorities?

Are you spending too much time trying to solve the problems you don’t have yet? Do you have a scaling problem or you just want to anticipate that? Are you wasting time on it?

What features should you build?

Would you like to be spending thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on building “nice to have” features that don’t matter?

Many entrepreneurs find themselves in situations like this, and simply assume that by throwing in every decent idea that comes along can lead them to a successful and profitable web app. But they’re wrong.

A smarter, better way

An “everything but the kitchen sink” approach probably isn’t what you need. What you really need is to build a small successful web app that works. To start with a lean smart app and gain traction. And then continue adding to the solid foundation. This will allow you to base future decisions on real world usage instead of assumptions.

Without a plan you’ll probably just end up spending a lot of money without much progress. With the right plan, and getting the basics right, you can bootstrap your way to profitability. You can be sure that you’re not wasting money, but instead getting step by step closer to a profitable web app.

Because a successful web app is measurable, I don’t accept a web development project unless I’m confident I can have a positive impact on making it profitable. I want my clients to be thrilled. That means taking the time to research your competition, analyze the data you’ve gathered, determine what really matters, and help you ship a product that can become profitable.

"We turned into profit every product Sabin worked on."

Before working with Sabin, I had my doubts about what he could bring to the table. I have been working with designers and developers for years so I was a little skeptical about seeing anything special. I was wrong.

Sabin has always been challenging our ideas and knows perfectly what we need. We turned into profit every product Sabin worked on. He’s smart, efficient, proactive and passionate about what he does. He has a fine eye for design and he’s a joy to work with.

Nicola Escario Connolly
Co-founder BlueSky Learning

If you’re just looking for a web designer, a web developer or just another “pair of hands”, you’ve come to the wrong place. I’m only working with people who understand that for building a successful web app it takes more than just an idea and a developer.

Want to see if I can help you build a profitable web app?

Reserve an exclusive one-on-one consultation with me, where we’ll discuss your ideas and see if we’re a good fit.

We’ll talk for about 30 minutes where we begin working to figure out exactly what you need, and how to make it happen. We’ll see if I’m able to take you as a client. At that point if you see the value in working together, great. If you don’t want to move forward, that’s fine too. 

Lastly, you could continue to shop around for developers or web agencies, but my goal isn’t to build a web app that is likely to fail. My goal is to help you build a profitable product that will justify the money you spent on me. Let’s chat for a few minutes about you and your company, and if I think that your idea has the potential to make a lot more money through some strategic design and development, then we’ll go from there.